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  1. Trying to be back


    August 1, 2013 by currbell

    We have been blessedly busy while we were gone… putting up food… and enjoying many evening meals out at the …
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  2. Busy Signal…


    June 15, 2013 by currbell

    Sorry we missed you…we’re probably busy nursing and working in the garden, or…both. Leave a message after the post and …
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  3. The growing time of year


    April 23, 2013 by currbell

      Look how big my little man is getting! Amazing! Seeding are going into and growing in the garden. Little …
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  4. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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    April 14, 2013 by currbell

    “What the church has been for medieval man the public school must become for democratic and rational man. God will …
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  5. By Request from Aunty S


    March 25, 2013 by currbell

  6. Winter or Spring?


    February 2, 2013 by currbell

    I’ve had trouble explaining to the girls that it is winter. “Oh no! We (f)agot to put baby plants in …
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  7. Nesting and Organizing in the kitchen


    January 24, 2013 by currbell

    There’s been a lot of nesting going on around here. Pregnancy certainly has it’s perks *smile*. The Man promised to …
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