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Years ago, I started mentoring a group of younger women at church because I was frustrated over the lack of mentors that I found for myself. It seems that so few “older women” desire to invest in the generation behind them according to the instruction found in Titus 2:3-5. I figured even if I couldn’t find solutions for myself I could be a part of the solution for someone.  I started blogging in a effort to share with these amazing young women as we started to move forward towards our different callings. I know some of you still  visit the blog. I continue to blog now because I have a passion to learn and to share and invest in the lives of others. But just because something has worked for me doesn’t mean it’s right for you or will work for you too, especially when it comes to kids. They are all unique little people. Be sure to think for yourself, ask questions, get advice, pray hard, search the Scriptures…the Bible applies to ALL of life.

I’m also passionate about the cause of Christ and the amazing role I get to play in this cause as a servant-hearted wife, mother, and member of the body of Christ. My little sphere of dominion can move quickly from Bible study, to babies bottoms, and out to the barn yard. I get excited about a lot of things, and I honestly can’t wait to share with you the things I learn *smile*. I am also a fallen struggling member of this planet who often wonders how I could dream that I have anything to offer others when I myself spend so much time falling on my face again and again. But I pray the things I share here will be a blessing to you, and you are inspired to go out and fulfill your unique calling in the world today and to grow closer in your relationship with God as you do. Blessings~c

P.S. The Man (my wonderful husband) and I like to keep a little bit of privacy when it comes to the internet, just in case you are wondering why we don’t use our names on here.

P.P.S If The Enemy is using the things I write here to make you feel discouraged, defeated or discontented in the work and walk God has called you to I strongly encourage you to stop reading.


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