Things I love for Postpardum

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August 16, 2013 by currbell

I started this list quite a while back so that I would remember it if God ever blesses us with another baby. Little things like this are so easy to forget! And maybe they can be a blessing to you or someone you know.

  • Herbal Sits Bath- I was initially interested in this because I had a very serious uterus infection after the girls were born, and this mixture is full of gentle but powerful cleansing agents. But I was most impressed with how much better I felt the morning after my first bath. These herbs REALLY promote healing. I could feel the difference after every bath for the first week or even more. This is from Shoshanna’s “Making Babies” book: 1 cup lavender whole flowers, 1 cup plantain leaf, 2 cups comfrey leaf, 1/2 c rose petals, 2 cups rosemary leaf, 1 cup whole calendula, 2 cups yarrow flowers, 1 cup echinacea herb, 4 cups sea salt (which is pretty expensive, I used Epsom salts instead, since they are full of magnesium, which is great as a sleeping aid and for muscle cramps. Mix this all together and use it like a tea…except it’s a giant cup of tea that you soak in…not drink. Check out her book for more details.DSC_0019
  • Cooling pads
  • Camlebak Water bottle– LOVE this still. It’s so handy to have a cup of water nearby that can’t spill. It goes with me to church and lives on the nightstand. It was great during birth since I could drink in most any position and not spill. I’m sure there are other products that are similar, but this one happened its way into our home just before the birth and has been such a blessing.
  • Good lighting– I tend to have latching issues with my babies, maybe I’m not a good teacher, I don’t know. But if I get just one bad latch it can easily mean a week of pain, a knot or mastitis. I have to have some light to get my babies latched at night, after that I prefer to turn it off and snooze, and it has to be hands free…enter the red tinted head lamp. What. A. Blessing.
  • Swaddling and the other 5 S’s for “The Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Upright sleeping for baby– I would love for my babies to co-sleep. And we generally do for the first week or two. But for me the reality of it all just doesn’t work. I get no sleep. But I do want my babies very close by so I can easily get them for feedings and know they are okay. We were given this baby bed, and I LOVE it. Even though the little man is wearing 6-9m clothes and is a giant, he’s still sleeping in it! It is EASY to fold up and take with you too.
  • Chicken soup, the kind completely made from scratch, with homemade broth and all kinds of lovely things in it. Oh, just thinking about it makes everything feel better. I ordered mine up from my mother-in-law, who makes some of the best around. Hope your mother-in-law in half and as nice as mine!



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