Trying to be back


August 1, 2013 by currbell


We have been blessedly busy while we were gone… DSC_0078

putting up food…DSC_0145

and enjoying many evening meals out at the picnic table (The Man took this unbeknownst to me…the verse tells you what we had for supper *smile*)


and growing…DSC_0069

LOTS of growing &….DSC_0109



and slowly (between tearful melt downs on bad days as to how to get the basic dishes, laundry, food, and sweep up the chicken poo tracked into the house, when the baby just won’t be happy in any of his carriers and baby seats, and one of the girls wants to know if the sun rises in the east…constant question these days since we introduced the concept… while the other is busy flushing water melon rinds down the toilet…and of course none of this is hypothetical) getting better at mentoring my children. “Parents train up their children by dedicating themselves, their time, and their children to that which God desires for them to become as an adult…it is a commission from God to train them as a full-time occupation. Training up a child means showing them how to: make corn tortillas, pedal a tricycle, make up a bed, put away toys, cook for forty people in one hour, read, demonstrate respect for others, and a thousand other wonderful things. For a mother who loves her children. training is not a chore, it is a full-time all-consuming passion. They are worth every minute of time and trouble… ” Created to be his Help Meet (this book challenges me so much I try to re-read it once a year…this year in little snippets while nursing).

Well, while taking a break from this post the kidos woke up and we found our very first red tomato! Which is the beginning of a whole new VERY busy season of the year. So who knows when we will talk again!

I pray God is blessing you with growth this summer too!c


One thought on “Trying to be back

  1. Brandy L says:

    love this…and miss you…and your garden is beautiful 🙂

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