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May 24, 2013 by currbell

DSC_0025     A quick morning’s harvest after hanging laundry: eggs and dandelion greens. The girl’s and I have enjoyed the little bits of reading we have done from this free book about dandelions and other plants. I love getting to learn with my children! DSC_0029We’ve had lots of fun learning opportunities around here recently: snails, snakes, snapping turtles and lizards. DSC_0038The mama in this picture is Goldie Hen, one of our two good but slightly crazy mama hens. We have hatched out a dozen baby chicks this year! We probably sacrificed 45 to 50 eggs to get those 12 chicks though. One thing I will do next time is run out with a pencil the as soon as a hen is off the nest and draw a line around the eggs. We had trouble with other hens laying new eggs in an established nest. This way we would know when new eggs were laid there and could take them out and use them. If an egg doesn’ grow into a chick for some reason it just rots and about the time a chick should hatch they start exploding. One exploded while I was trying to get it out of the nesting box. Talk about gross. I nearly threw up right there. I think we may try golf balls left in the nesting box next time, to get them broody, and then replace them all at once with eggs, so they would all start hatching at one time and we would know when to throw out the ones that don’t make it. But I think it would be tricky since we didn’t know they were broody until all the sudden they would never leave the nesting box for about two weeks. I was afraid she would kill herself sitting those eggs. When they did finally come out everyone knew it. She would scream and fly halfway across the yard and then run around all hormonal, big eyed and crazy for a while. Lol, I could kind of relate. DSC_0049The wild blackberries boast of great promises for the months to come this year. I hope they make good and don’t dry on the vine like last year. DSC_0053LOTS of mud pies these days. Our porch is covered in kitchen castoffs, sand and potting soil. Not to mention the house. It hard for me sometimes to let the kids be kids. DSC_0056Mint and thyme starts to plant down by the creek bed where the children play. I dream of humid starry nights filled with fire flies and lots of little feet with the smell of crushed mint in the air. We’re sending out roots and shoots everywhere this year. There are new strawberry plants, maples…which one day, Lord willing we will tap for their syrup, peach trees, blueberry bushes, raspberries, fig trees. Little bits of dreams, hopes, for the future buried in the ground to fruit another day…much like the work I do every day, always investing in tomorrow. May the Lord bless you as you scatter seeds for your tomorrows! c


2 thoughts on “Bits & pieces

  1. Lisa says:

    Love all the pictures and the chicken suggestions! We’ve been busy planting fruit trees and bushes and herbs too. Looking forward to harvesting one day!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love your comment about relating to the hormonal mama hen! 🙂 So funny!

    I dream of one day having a homestead like your family does. It’s just wonderful, all that y’all are doing!

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