Homemade beauty products I make and love


March 8, 2013 by currbell

These are all things that I have been using for a while and am pleased with. I stopped using shampoo almost two years ago. I LOVE that I have an alternative that is inexpensive and chemical free, which is especially important to me while I’m pregnant…and you don’t always know that first month that you are pregnant, so it’s  important to me pretty much all the time. I used to feel bad for people like me who had wavy unmanageable hair hundreds of years ago and no products from the drug store to help. But. Since then I have realized that all those products where just causing me to need more products. These days I use very little on my hair. I wash using this method.

Just an fyi I tried using a similar method with a baking soda wash before I read Quinn’s post, and the directions left a bunch of gritty baking soda in the water AND in my hair. It was NOT good. I have no problems following Quinn’s directions. If my hair starts feeling a little dry I rub some apricot seed oil into the ends after my shower and that leaves it lovely and smelling good. (I also found Quinn’s mention of hair “plopping” really useful for managing my curly hair.)

Tooth Powder: The reason I got interested in this was that I wanted to find a fluoride free (and other chemicals I didn’t like) tooth paste that was inexpensive…and one that wouldn’t hurt anything if my girls ate it, but also didn’t taste like strawberry bubble gum, so they wouldn’t be tempted to sneak into the bathroom and suck down a whole tube…and us adults could feel minty fresh when we were done. I wasn’t having much luck finding anything in these parameters, and about the same time I read some things about tooth powder, did some research and started working on this. Before I get started explaining everything let me mention that there are some drawbacks to using tooth powder. It can be slightly less convenient than paste. You have to wet your brush and drip it in the tooth powder. It can make the bristles on your tooth brush turn a dark color (from the cinnamon or other dark powders) which might bother some people. It will make a mess in your bathroom sink or beyond if you have very messy people in your house (which is what prompted me to start doing a daily wipe down of the sink and has helped me stay motivated to keep my bathroom clean, so I guess it’s actually a good thing). All tooth paste makes a bit of a mess in the sink, but because this is brown, you are really going to see the mess. On the up side its chemical free, full of herbs that help build up your teeth or even reverse cavities, and it’s very inexpensive per use. The initial cost set up may be high for you to get all the ingredients, but I purchased mine a year ago, and it looks like it will be a much more than a year before I need to replace any of them (though it’s hard for me to say if the clay would last that long, because I also use that for other things). I want to tell you why I have chosen to include each ingredient, so you can decide for yourself if you want some in your tooth power. I mix mine up in smaller batches, using a tablespoon as my “1 part”. This gave our family of four enough tooth powder to last over four months. I settled on the quantities given by considering what the ingredient did for the tooth powder, and how the end product tasted. DSC_0207edit2

  • 1 Part Black Walnut Hull Powder– in a tincture black walnut hulls are reported to have the ability to reverse cavities and heal up tooth enamel. I don’t know how much effect they have in a quick tooth brushing. I include it more for its scrubbing ability and the fact that it makes my teeth feel SO smooth and clean.
  • 4 Parts Bentonite Clay– This is your main cleaning agent. I decided to use this instead of baking soda, because I had concerns about it being too abrasive for long-term everyday use. Bennonite clay, both inside and outside the body (like a pasted applied to the skin or in bath water) has the ability to pull toxic metals out of system, something that can’t hurt on a daily basis.
  • 1/2 Part Salt- For it’s ability to clean and kill germs
  • 1 Part Cinnamon (powder)- An astringent and antibacterial, which helps get everything clean or even fight off mouth infections. Plus it makes it taste good.
  • 1/4 Part Cloves Powder- Kills bacteria, helps freshen breath, has antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. Also can help with a toothache, though I think you might need a more direct application beyond brushing to see good results for a toothache. It your tooth powder has a slight numbing effect (no harm in it) that you probably want to use a little less cloves. This numbing effect is what makes it so useful for teething babies.
  • 1/4 Sage Powder- helps whiten teeth
  • 1/4 Stevia Powder- just to make it taste sweeter

I measure all this into my jar, shake it up (okay you put on a lid before you shake it, but seriously you didn’t need me to tell you that, right?) and use it. You can also put a few drops of essential oil to make it taste better, like peppermint or lemon. If you’re using a tablespoon as your “1 part” then you would probably need between 3 and 5 drops. I put the drops into the powder and then smooch (that’s the technical term) them in with a spoon and it’s good to go.

Other simple things I do is use coconut oil instead of lotion, though you need to be sure it’s absorbed before you put your clothes on. My sister tells me that she read this was good for acne, and she also uses it with good results in on her rosacea. My mom uses egg whites on her skin in the morning after making eggs…just use the little bit that is left in the shell. Leave it on until it dries and then rinse it off. My grandma did this through her life and at 90 they both have lovely skin. If the skin on my face gets really dry or inflamed I pour some oats (a little less than a tablespoon) into a glass and add just enough water to make a paste (these days I’ve been adding some of my Bentonite clay to it also) and smoothing it over my face, let it dry and then rinse off. It seems to help my sensitive skin every time. And as soon as I run out of my compact powder I’m looking forward to making a batch of this homemade face powder. What about you? Have anything to add?


4 thoughts on “Homemade beauty products I make and love

  1. Quinn says:

    There are some wonderful ideas here! I’m intrigued by the egg whites… can’t hurt to try 🙂 It’s funny- I have that exact face powder up in a tab to prepare one of these days. I’m glad to have the tooth powder now too. I tried experimenting with some along the lines of yours, but never thought it turned out quite as good. My favorite new natural beauty product is 1/4 t. coconut oil& 1/4 t. castor oil warmed & massaged into roots & ends then finger combed in between. Put it up in a bun & leave in till the next day. Soft & shiny for a week. Plus it should help with growth. SinceI started using it I have new wispy hairs growing along my hairline. Hopefully it’s new growth and not damage!! Great post 🙂

    • currbell says:

      Well it’s not that odd I have the same face powder as you, cause I found it through you! You’re always giving me good ideas *grin*. It is a great picture isn’t it! I had it in mind to have taken just for the blog for a long time….”All My Children” lol. And it’s a lot like real life!

  2. Quinn says:

    Oh! When the comment reloaded the page I saw the belly photo! I hadn’t noticed that earlier- I LOVE it! How adorable!! Blessings 🙂

  3. Jessica in AK says:

    I use a “bronzer” very similar to the face powder. It uses cocoa powder, cornstarch and cinnamon. The cinnamon gives me a bit of a warm glow, especially needed at the end of a long winter when I’m pretty pasty. (Like now.)

    I’ve yet to use coconut oil over my entire face for fear that it will make me break out, but I apply it on my crow’s feet whenever I remember in hopes it will slow their growth.

    I too love the picture!

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