Cheap Cast Iron Wood Stove Care & Use


March 1, 2013 by currbell

We’ve found that the easiest way to shine up and clean the outside of our wood stove is to cover it in a VERY thin coat of lard while the stove is cool. The Man was worried that the stove would smoke horribly, but we didn’t have any problems. I would think you could use coconut oil also, but I haven’t tried.DSC_0077

We are blessed to have a wood stove with a glass door, which we love, but we had a LOT of problems keeping the glass clean. We bought a $20 bottle of cleaner from the a fireplace store which didn’t seem to work at all. We ended up scrubbing it with a brillo pad and scraping it with a putty knife. It was a real pain. Then one day I sprayed it with my homemade citrus cleaning spray, and we were shocked to see that after the fire got hot all the build up just flaked off on its own and the glass was perfectly clean. We kept thinking maybe it was just a fluke, but it’s been working all winter long now. We have NO idea why this works, but it does. BTW- only spray the glass when it is cool. Room temperature liquid on very hot glass could cause it to crack. If we have been burning the stove for several days we simply let the fire burn with the door open until the glass is cool to the touch, and then spray. Note that the glass won’t come clean for us until the fire burns really hot. If anyone else tries this I would LOVE to hear if it works for you too.

I’ve been blessed to use our wood stove as a crock pot several times, which is such a huge blessing, and mainly comes down to remembering to put your beans in a pot and on the stove instead of in the crock pot. I heat up leftovers sometimes too. One of the main issues I’ve encountered is using the wood stove to cook when the fire is too hot. I found myself wishing that I had a cooking trivet, and as I turned around from the wood stove my eye caught my pot rack. God helped me see that I already owned the answer to my dilemma. I simply take one of my stainless steel pots, place it upside down on the stove top and then put my food to cook on top of it. It works great!


4 thoughts on “Cheap Cast Iron Wood Stove Care & Use

  1. Lisa says:

    Our wood heater has a glass door too. I’ve been cleaning it with … ashes! (Actually recommended in the manual.) When it’s cool, just dip a damp rag into some ashes and wipe. Pretty amazing! 🙂

  2. Jessica in AK says:

    I just discovered your blog this week and LOVE it. I forgot to write down its address before we took down the Christmas card you sent, thankfully a mutual friend of ours (KB) gave it to me. I have loads of questions for you and dozens of things I’d love to discuss, but one question in particular. If this post or my subscription to your blog shows you my email would you please shoot me a quick email so I can ask it?

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