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February 22, 2013 by currbell

Here is a list of learning resources I have found useful in taking care of my family’s health. As I have mentioned in many places, I am a Christian, so I am careful to avoid resources that mix new age or occult religious practices and their herbal recommendations. These are important issues to be aware of as these religions are very counter to Christianity (though people often mix them, sometimes without even knowing they are doing so), and the occult has made drugs and herbs a part of their religious practices from the earliest times. I look for resources that are approached from a Christian point of view, or attempt to address the medical side only. Also keep in mind that in the area of “natural health” there are just as many scams and lies as any other area, as I talked about with food. Don’t turn off you brain when you read ANYTHING. Think critically, ask questions.


Be Your Own Doctor– If you are going to buy any one book on these topics, THIS is the one you want. It’s very readable for a layman, and focuses on remedies ingredients that are easy to find, like cayenne pepper or charcoal powder. The author gives you tools to assess what you can treat at home, and when to go see a doctor. You’ll be surprised some of the things you can treat or help treat at home, like cracked tooth enamel or healing a broken bone. I really can’t say enough good things about how useful I have found this book.

Practical Herbalism & The Green Pharmacy– These are basically herbal dictionaries. Great resources to have around if and when you decide to try and make your own remedies.

The Bulk Herb Store– If you are interested in a particular herb and wanting to learn more this is a great place to start. They usually have several quote from different resource books about the herb and how it works. It’s one of the first places I go to look and see if an herb is contra-indicated for pregnancy, though I do consult other resources also. I would request a catalog if you are interested in these things, as you can read little snippets here and there, and they usually have some good articles about how to make things with herbs. They also have a lot of recommended books that I am very interested in, but don’t have a copy of myself yet.

Dr. Christopher– There is a lot of free information here. I’ve mainly used their search feature to learn more on some particular topic of interest. In the little bit I have interacted with the site I suspect that they hold some unbalanced perspectives, so as with anything, be sure to compare your findings with other resources. But with that said, I have found some really helpful information on this site.

Well Tell Me– This is basically a web forum where people can post about remedies that have worked for them. It was a real blessing when we needed to travel home 12 hours and both girls had the runs.Through a diet of brown rice, rice water, and banana yogurt smoothies we were able to get problem controlled enough to travel back home as planned. It’s a great place to start a search for a particular problem that has popped in in your family, like ear infection. Since people are sharing things that worked for them, I’ve found them to be recommendations that really work for us too.

Basic directions for preparing remedies–  Basic written instructions for all types of herbal remedies

Honey tincture How-To

Vinegar Tincture How-To

Herb infused oil, Salve, and Body Cream How-To

I hope you find these resources a blessings also, as you grown and learn how to care for you family~ c


3 thoughts on “Mama’s Medicine Chest: Resources

  1. I *love* WellTellMe, and have gone to this site for advice many times over the years. There are also many good articles/products on “More Than Alive”. 🙂

    • currbell says:

      I hadn’t seen More Than Alive before. Thanks for sharing. I forgot that Beeyoutiful has a lot of useful articles too…that’s where I learned to give one of my little ones pro-biotic when she is having trouble wetting her panties. Amazing how it works every time! They have an e-mail series coming up on essential oils that looks interesting.

  2. Lisa says:

    I like all those sources too. I especially love the Bulk Herb Store. I find their weekly email to usually be very useful. The more I learn about herbs the more amazed I am at what God has given us through them!

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