How to make tortillas

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November 15, 2012 by currbell

We love these tortillas. The Man calls them flat biscuits. I’ve found them to be much easier to make than corn tortillas. The girls always help me measure and roll and we do this together instead of playing play dough.

I feel like bread products and the first and best food area that I can save money and offer my family healthier food. The mark-up on all bread products is pretty high, and look at any package of whole wheat tortillas and compare it with this recipe and it’s hard to argue that these aren’t better for you. We LOVE to make them with our home rendered lard (tell you about that some other time) but we made one very nice batch with sunflower seed oil too. If you’ve never made tortillas before I would recommend trying out a batch sometime when you are not in a hurry and they are not needed for dinner, so you can get the hang of it with out any pressure. After making a few batches I learned to roll them fast enough to have one ready to cook when one was ready to come out. They are much easier to cook on a griddle or cast iron skillet without sides. If there are any Hispanic grocery stores in your area you can probably buy a cheep little tool that looks almost like a stainless steel pot lid to cook them on. I’ve also cooked them on top of our cast iron wood burning stove. If you find your tortillas are a little crispy you might be browning them too long or could try add a little more oil than the recipe calls for. I make them with all whole wheat flour since eating white flour seems to affect me poorly. They do seem to be a little more pliable with some white flour. Sometimes these hang around the house long enough to become stale and then we like to use them like crackers and especially with some hummus drip.



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