Ideas for Toddler Christmas Gifts

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November 14, 2012 by currbell

I was so pleased by this book,  The Rooster and the Fox by Helen Ward, that I happened to pick up from the library that I wanted to share it with you. It has a great story, and lovely illustrations. As I read the story to the girls, the farm girl in my realized that all the pictures of the animals in the book are based on actual animals. I was further surprised to find this guide in the back telling us the names of all the breads the illustrator drew in the book. And I loved her note at the end of the book, “So remember: Be ware of flattery, keep your eyes open, and do not speak without thinking first!” I love a book you can learn something positive from, even if you are little.

For some reason all this made me think of the conversation that I have had with several mothers of toddlers, dreading Christmas and the onslaught of merchandised toys. So I wanted to share some of the lists of good ideas for engaging and often inexpensive toys I have run across. I really want to put together some of these activity boxes, instead of having one toy box, so we get a more balanced rotation of new toys, and more interest when they do get to play with them. So maybe this will help you encourage the gift givers in your life towards things that would be more of a blessing to your family.Keeping Little Ones Busy (I especially liked the cheese shaker toothpick idea)

Quiet Time Learning Bins

and of my favorite companies for fabulous toys: Timberdoodle We were given this puzzle last year and it continues to be a simple favorite that can grow with the girls.

I have a list of several books or authors that we have really enjoyed in our family, many of them non-fiction, but still engaging for little ones. If you’d be interested in seeing such a list, leave me some comments and let me know, and I’ll post it for you.

May God bless you all with a peaceful day!


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