Mathew 6:30


August 29, 2011 by currbell

 Mammoth Grey Strip sunflowers, which will hopefully feed our chickens
 wild turkeys
 sunrise, moon set
I saw the most lovely plan in Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy for making a summer playhouse using sunflowers and morning glories. Doesn’t that sounds like the most magical thing for a little girl? I hope to try it next year.

4 thoughts on “Mathew 6:30

  1. Anonymous says:

    The wild turkey shot is on your land? That's beautiful! –ENF

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your photos are beautiful! Ya'll are actually living in paradise. Hope all your family are doing well…Aunt Beth.

  3. c says:

    Thanks Aunt B, almost anything can look perfect if you crop and zoom close enough, lol. But we are really blessed to live a lovely place. And yes, E, those turkeys are on our land. Parents and eight babies as far as I can tell. I'm hoping a few of them may grace our table this fall. For about a month they came by every day and said hi to the chickens. And their not much scared of us at all.

  4. L says:

    What breathtaking photos! I'm really wishing we were your neighbors right now! (Again …)

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