Guinea update II


June 10, 2011 by currbell

I let the guineas out this morning. They slowly came out, sticking in a group, and eating as they went, and enjoying themselves. I hope they stick around. Guineas are notorious for taking off. I can’t see them around anywhere from my windows. We’ll see!
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P.S. Yeah! They were spotted again around four this evening.


3 thoughts on “Guinea update II

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Guineau tractor! Love the pictures. Those are nive looking birds. –e-rock

  2. Bridget says:

    Wow! You have some stuff growing!!!

  3. Neat! We have guineas, too – but we bought ours as young birds (not babies, not mature). And ours, too, for the first little while ran off. Then two of the three got killed and the one left stayed around with the cows, he seemed so lonely that we went and bought three more, and one got killed. So now we have three. And they just seem so happy to stick around the farm – plenty of grain, plenty of bugs! We had been giving ours millet as a treat – to try to keep them around. And it seemed to work.

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