Guinea Hen update


June 6, 2011 by currbell

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We have moved the guineas out of the brooder. A friend came over to help, and I’m so glad. There were three of us and one catching net and still two of the eight guineas got away, mainly my fault. It’s hard to know how tightly to hold a live animal even when it is flogging you, as my friend graphically put it. I’ve never been much of an animal person, but I’m going to learn to live with them.

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This is my guinea catching hero. He caught two with one hand! If you’ve never been around these fast little birds you just don’t know how very impressive that is. He has guineas himself, and has advised me to keep them penned up for a week in the area I want them to stay at, as they have the tendency to wander off. Hopefully nothing eats them in that time (dogs, coyotes, our pet bobcat). I’ve left feed and water outside the pen in the hopes that the two who escaped while find it and hang around their life long friends. I spotted one of them a couple of times in the grass but it’s impossible to catch them…which hopefully will keep them alive. And as long as they stay in the area, alive, and eat my ticks I don’t care what they do. Speaking of ticks, if you get a tick bit, put some lavender oil on it as soon you pull it off. It takes away most of the itching…might work on other bites, I don’t know. I used to be completely creeped out by ticks, not having grown up with them. But people around here just accept it as a part of life, and I have learned to do the same. Mosquitoes carry serious illnesses too and very few people freak over every mosquito bite. Who has the time?

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This is the temporary shelter my very kind brother-in-law built for us. And as you can see guineas aren’t the only thing growing fast around here. The girls seem to be growing and changing every day. The birds seem to be adjusting well though, and enjoying scratching in the grass and catching bugs. They were ready to get out!

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One thought on “Guinea Hen update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Catching fowl can be a lot of fun! Last year we had about 30 chicks suddenly decide to go exploring. The whole neighborhood turned out to help give chase. In Eunice on Fat Tuesday there is a long standing tradition of masked men going accross the contryside from farm to farm. At each farm, the man of the house comes out with a chicken and lets it go. Everybody chases till they catch it and wring it's neck (don't tell PETA). All the chickens from all the farms go into a big gumbo the whole community enjoys.Since last summer the boys and I have gotten a lot better at catching them so now its more art than challenge: there are three keys 1) you will find they are very predictable in the way they react as you walk toward them and you can use that to your advantage in coralling them to a corner 2) Move in on them slowly and when you get within arms length snatch them up real fast 3) grab their feet rather than trying to grab their bodies.A big part of the problem is being shy about snatching them up. Till you get over that try moving in slowly and then quickly putting a laundry baskey over them (then it's easy to get your hands on them).Unless you are just absolutely unable to, I'd stay out and catch the escapees.I sure am free with my advice. I have no idea where I get that.–E-Rock

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