Lots of sickness

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February 2, 2011 by currbell

Someone in our family has had a stomach bug, cold, or flu every week I think since December 18th. I’m tired of it, but I won’t bore you with my complaints. We started out with a stomach bug back then, and all of our tummies seem to be a little off track still. I’ve started using Tummy Tuneup from Beeyoutiful, which is a great supplement resource. I’d recommend requesting one of their catalogues if you have any interest, because their articles are very informative and helpful. I wish we had started using it soon, as I can really tell what a difference it is making.Tummy Tuneup is a pro-biotic, which is like the culture that are in a good yogurt. It’s safe even for very small babies, and (I wish I had know this) long term more affective that gas drops on a colicy baby with tummy problems. We have also been steaming under a blanket tent (that’s peppermint tea with some lavender oil in the pot). A $16 Vicks humidifier and some essential oils, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil, has made steaming much easier and more pleasant. All those oils help with a cough from what I can read, and even if they don’t, they sure smell nice. I have decided to take a correspondence course called “Family Herbalist”. I decided on this particular course because though I have a lot of interest in and need for knowledge in simple family health care, I knew I had a lot of holes in my knowledge. It was particularly interesting to me because the author is a Christian, and I dodn’t have to sort through a lot of New Age bull crap to learn about natural remedies and herbs. I’ve received my books and I’m almost ready to start. It’s exciting to learn what a difference such small measure can make. We’re not the only ones who are sick right now. Our dear friend Lilly, the seven month old daughter of one of my dearest friends was hospitalised with massive heart failure this past Saturday. We are praying for her all the time. If you need some encouragement in your day pop over to her blog, and make sure to note Lilly’s prayer requests for the day. Don’t to miss the amazing story from Saturday and the way God used them to touch one of the doctors. BLESSINGSc


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