Early Christmas

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December 14, 2010 by currbell

Well its official: I’m a country girl! The Man took me to town last week and bought me a lovely pair of work boots. Can you see the stitching and little stars on the sides? They are already making the outside work around here much easier. I can’t wait to get my seed catalogs and get my new boots dirty! If you garden and would like to add to some heirloom seeds to you garden in the coming year you really should check out these catalogs: Seed Savers and Bountiful Gardens (their catalog is great, by the way, like an education is gardening). Also I ran across a really interesting web site selling heirloom bean seeds. There are enough beans for you to cook with in the bag, and full descriptions of the flavors. I love this a idea, cause who wants to plant a whole garden full of something only to find out you can’t stand to eat it. They claim that heirloom beans have much more interesting complex flavors and textures. I cooked with one heirloom bean, a kind of speckled lima bean and they were just lovely: nutty and creamy tasting. Like no other bean I had ever tried. I know- it’s not even Christmas yet and here I rattling on about seeds. But really there is no better way to spend the long dark winter months than pouring over the bright glossy pictures and warming descriptions of a seed catalog…unless you a have a fire and someone you love to snuggle with. But I don’t have a fire (yet). So till then I’ll sit near the space heater and dream of spring. Blame it on the boots!
Merry Christmas to you all!c
P.S. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But I ran across the most interesting how-to craft tutorial today and thought I would share.


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