Knitting for babies


November 15, 2010 by currbell

Few things are sweeter than babies, but babies in hand knits are! (I’m trying to fight the urge to make some sort of “knitting for babies’ pun -think knitting for dummies. Don’t worry I’ll keep fighting, lol.) The patterns I’m linking to here are just perfect for someone who has the basics of knitting down but is tired of knitting scarves and dish rags. If you haven’t learned to read patterns then I would suggest either getting a book from the library, google and Utube the abbreviations, talk with a friend who already knows, or go to a local yarn shop, buy a ball of yarn, and ask for help.

The Aviatrix hat that Miss Teary-Eyes in sporting here (unfinished I might add) looks MUCH more complicated than it looks. It’s actually knit on straight needles, and even watching the twins I can whip one out in two days…if they are good days anyhow. Oh bad days I just dig in and hold on for dear life, lol. There are instructions from newborn up and for many different yarn sizes. It’s nice for little ones because it straps on.
*grin* I love this picture…toys all over the place, and they pick up one block each, crawl into the cubby and have a wonderful time smiling at each other and banging their blocks. You can’t see the sweaters they are wearing very well in this pic, but they are variations on the same pattern. I knit up half a dozen of these little sweaters while I was pregnant. It’s a top down knit, so you start at the collar and work your way down and then come back and add on the sleeves. You can down load the pattern here. After I knit the first two I got a little more adventurous and started to add lace patterns (from the Internet or books) down the back and sleeves, or as the first picture shows cables. Cables like most new techniques I’ve learned in knitting looked really scary to me until someone I had taught to knit showed me how easy it was, lol.
And if you don’t know how to knit, I strongly suggest you learn. For in the words of Nanny (from The Nanny and the Professor),

“Of course you can do it! The world would be a better place if everyone was knitting on an afghan.”

Blessings! c


One thought on “Knitting for babies

  1. Bridget says:

    Ok, Well I'm just putting in my order now. Cable sweaters, Cable sweaters for my babies 😀 Smoochies,Bridget

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