This is the house that love built


June 5, 2010 by currbell

Installing siding

Painting…yes the ceiling is a funny color. No, it’s not an accident. And yes I do like it…wasn’t sure for a little while, but thankfully I do, lol.
Building the kitchen cabinets
Building the HANDLES of the kitchen cabinets. Seriously how cool is that! I have some very talented people in my life!Everywhere I look I see all the love that has gone into making this house. There are our new neighbors who have lent us tools and been so generous and kind. Co-workers who have come out to lend a hand. Our new church family who suprised us with their generosity and drove over an hour eeeeearly in the morning to paint and work on the siding in the heat and the bugs, even though neither The Man nor I could be there. The friends and loved ones who worked on the house in the snow! And The Man’s family-I must mention them specifically, many of them have come out, but his direct family has given us SO MUCH.

And then there is The Man. Ahh The Man. He’s worked in the heat. He’s worked is the cold, and in his very favorite, in the cold WET weather. He gotten up at 4 in the morning again and again to work on the house. And he’s done it almost all himself. The permits, the foundation, the framing, the siding, the plumbing, the painting, the trim work, the porches….with a exhausting drive for perfection. He is poured so much sweat and love into this house it’s hard for me to believe.
And above all this there is God’s love for us. Time after time when we could not see how things would work out God would amaze us by pulling it all together. It has been such an amazing journey of faith. God’s latest work has been so wonderful. We are weeks away from being done with the house, and a neighbor has asked us to house sit for him! So we get to be practically next door instead of over an hour away, and see each other for lunch, and not have to get up soo terribly early, but on top of that I can get all that sheet rock dust cleaned up of, and the house settled and a little organized before we move in. That is SUCH a gift, because I’m still coming to grips with fact that I have MUCH less energy and abilities since the birth and while nursing twins, and I don’t do well in chaos. So I’ll make this part bold just in case you haven’t been reading my ramblings…We move in a few days and the house should be done and ready to move into in just a few more weeks if all goes well. I AM SO EXCITED! But our phone and internet will be severely limited for the next month or two, so you’re just going to have to wait a while to see finished pic and you probably won’t be hearing much from me for a while, but then that’s what I said before the twins were born, so who knows! God may supprise us again! Until next time keep us in your prayers as in addition to the move with little babies I will be adjusting to doing all the house work, cooking and cleaning myself. And on that note I must run as some little one is wailing for her bedtime snack *smile* Blessings!c

2 thoughts on “This is the house that love built

  1. Bridget says:

    I LOVE IT!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you get a tick on you while lying in the grass????? HA HA HA. I can't wait to see it and am excited for you and praying for YOU ALL.Bridget 😀

  2. M says:

    I LOVE the ceiling color! And I love that the handles are handmade! That's really cool! This is random, but I don't remember the name of the site we ordered your sling from. Do you remember it?

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