For those of you who "Always wanted to have twins!"


March 21, 2010 by currbell

Just in case the last post left you with the (very incorrect) impression that I find being the mother of twins an easy job description, I thought I would share this with you.
The Man has hardly left my side since the girls were born. He’s been my right hand, caring for me while I was sick and doing all he can to help me adjust to taking care of both girls by myself. I jotted down this log on the first day that he was gone, taking care of some of the work on the house. I started at 6:30, since one must start somewhere, but must mention that 6:30 was proceeded by a very difficult night which included holding a screaming Penn (we like to call her Screaming Meme when she’s like that…the child has some lungs!) through the night.6:30 Breastfeed Penn and we both lay in the bed with me trying to snooze between soothing her little cries till
7:30 Penn starts screaming bloody murder (she’s had pretty bad stomach issues). I put on sweatpants with one hand while holding her (oh you think that is no big deal? just try it some time), and head to the kitchen to bounce, pat, burp, and feed her a warm bottle of water and apple juice. Finally relaxes and falls asleep. I put her down and pour a bowl of cereal when
8:00 Penn cries again and I change her diaper. Her arms are flying everywhere so I swaddle her and sooth her back to sleep. I get the bouncy seat and put it in the crib so she can sleep upright and not spit up. Works like a charm until
8:15 Celia fusses. Diaper change. Feed…feed Celia that is.
8:45 Wake up Penn and feed her (to keep them on the same feeding schedule so I don’t go bloody insane). I change her poopy diaper. Almost have a clean diaper on and a HUGE poop comes out. Change again. Don’t have the diaper fully on and another, but smaller poop comes out again. Change diaper again. Thank God that we are using cloth diapers and all I have to do is wash these instead of wasting that many disposable diapers…which cost SO much, till
9:15 Celia fusses. Grandma holds her. I throw away disgusting, soggy, barely touched cereal from almost two hours ago. Stand in the kitchen like a exhausted ninny trying to think of something easy to eat that does go soggy. Peanut butter and honey toast and a pot of tea.
9:45 Celia sleeping fitfully. Swaddle and she falls sound asleep on the bed next to me (since the crib is full of bouncy seat). East toast, drink tea, listen to ipod and respond to some text messages while snuggled in bed (note: should have just eaten and tried to sleep) till
10:45 Celia fusses. I can tell she is working on a poopoo. I take her out of the room so she won’t wake up Penn. Rock, bounce, and generally attempt to sooth. I set her on the bed in the guest room, still screaming, so I can go to the bathroom myself, and I throw a quick tooth brushing in there cause I know it’s now or never!
10:50 Change Ceila’s diaper. No poop yet. Still crying. I feed her till
11:15 Penn cries. I feed her till
11:30 Celia cries. I change her and she has the biggest poopy diaper I have EVER seen.
11:45 Penn cries and flails her arms everywhere. Change diaper and swaddle.
12:00 Realize I’ve eaten nothing but peanut butter toast. Put chips and grated cheese on plate and pop into the microwave to make nachos till
12:05 Celia cries. Swaddle. She falls asleep.
12:10 Finish making nachos and eat in bed room next to two, praise the Lord, sleeping babies. After which I realize that the instead of putting the cd player on repeat all it was on repeat song…and I’ve been listening to the same song over and over again for over an hour, lol.It’s ridiculous and exhausting even to read isn’t it? I wrote it all down so I could share it with The Man when he got back…which seemed like forever…since I knew, “I had such a crazy morning” just couldn’t quite express how it had been. And beyond that I know all this hard stuff I am doing, the memory of it will fade, but I wanted to remember this one and all the exhausted accomplishment I felt when they were finally both sleeping. And know what? In all that, with all the tears that flowed from 6 till noon, I never cried, lol.
Trial by fire. Trial by fire.


7 thoughts on “For those of you who "Always wanted to have twins!"

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow! That's all I'm gonna say. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can tell you are such a great mom! I read about Penn and Ceila's birth on Misty's blog. Linda is my midwife too. I'm Kelly and I think we met at the Labor Day party last year, right? Our first little girl, Lily Grace was born on January 1st. I really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures of your beautiful little girls! Take care.

  2. Marsha says:

    dear mommy,i would say that you had a very "poopie" day. some days are just like that!love,marsha

  3. Rands says:

    Bless your heart. Bless it. That's all I can say. Just bless your poor, sweet heart!My mom always said, "If you're gonna have twins, have them first, then every baby after that will seem like a total breeze!"

  4. Bridget says:

    I think I started chuckling around 11am or sooooooo….yeah it's insane ๐Ÿ™‚ and fun to read, especially since you didn't post when you were writing. Yet another thing, I think I'll come visit when they are 4, LOL!!!

  5. mossfamily says:

    I am exhausted just reading it. I know the Lord didn't bless me with twins for a reason. i WOULD have gone insane (& cried along with them). I am sure it won't get easy, but i am sure it will get easier than it is right now anyway. Once they get on a decent, predictable schedule, life should ease up (from what i've heard from mom's of twins anyway!) Good luck & keep your chin up!

  6. Janna Alford says:

    WOW! Christina you really are super mom! Just remember "to breath" when "the girls" are screaming, all of that seems pretty intense from what you wrote but it'll all be worth it in the end, and it wont last forever. Hope to see you and the babies soon.

  7. Ha! Ha! Ha! Tears running down my cheeks!! Girlfriend I can so imagine your day! Remember, I use to run a home daycare and cared for 8 children (5 of which were under the age of 3) but only 1x did I care for 2 babies at once. Those were my Abi (6 months) and Adam DiSena (10 months). I thought I would go crazy with the 2 of them………I can't imagine 2 newborns!!! Well, after this blog…I can!!! Remember, I'm still alive & so are Abi & Adam! We miss you & love you all!! HUGS & BLESSING FROM NC!

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