Work day!

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January 4, 2010 by currbell

This past weekend was pretty busy for The Man and I. I’ll tell you about The Man’s weekend first. We had a work day for the house! The Man spent several days planning the different projects which could be done that day, so as to get the maximum use out of the guys who were kind enough to show up early in the morning on a bitter cold Saturday. I am SO excited about the progress being made! I wasn’t able to get out there this weekend (but I’m hoping I will get to tomorrow). These pics where taken by a couple of different guys out at the site and my Dad, who brought lunch out and offered to lead a few verses of “We’ll work till Jesus Comes” lol.Lots of progress was made. They put up some front steps and a stoop. Note: we plan on doing a wrap around porch when funding allows; The Man says the tiny little stoop looks silly, but at least it will get us into the house 🙂All the doors and windows on the first floor are installed! Ah I can’t wait to see it for myself!And about a 1/3 of the roof rafters have been put up, so getting the place dried in will be the next very exciting goal! Then comes plumbing, and electrical, and insulation, and….so on and on. Praise God for such kind friends who so generously gave to us. May God bless them all!


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