Six month check-up

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December 14, 2009 by currbell

Since I’m carrying twins, which is considered to be higher risk (btw- I read the other day that there is a 60% prematurity rate among twins, how horrible!) I have an ultra sound once a month. The visits are timed just right, because about a week before the appointment I start to really wonder and/or worry about how they are doing. Are they growing like they should? Are they putting on weight? Are they both okay? I’ve felt lots of moving, but are both of them moving? About two weeks before this past visit Baby A, which is highly complicated medical term for the baby positioned to birth first, turned completely sideways- which I must say wasn’t the least uncomfortable or funny looking (joke). And then I couldn’t tell what position she finally settled down into. The Man and I were prayerful that she was head down; we pray that God prepares them for a healthy natural pregnancy. If this little stinker (Baby A) isn’t head down when it comes time to deliver then a c-section is necessary, so its pretty important to me.
But so far I leave every appointment with a sigh of relief and smiles on all my health care giver’s faces. My blood pressure and sugar are both very good. I gained a little more weight than I thought I had which was comforting. And the babies? Just too darn cute! And both still girls, and BOTH head down! What a relief. Their measurements and weight and almost exactly match the averages, Baby A is even a few ounces bigger. I just love hearing that they are doing okay! So as of right now everything looks really good, and Lord willing things will stay that way. God has been very good to us. Blessings! c
P.S. As much as I have complained about it, I think much of the twins and my good health can be attributed to the Brewer’s diet. If you’re expecting I’d recommend you check it out, especially if you have multiples.
P.P.S. These pics were taken about a week ago, and it feels to me like I’ve grown even bigger since then!


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