4 months and growing


September 24, 2009 by currbell

You should see the list of foods that they want to eat to every day! When I first read the diet for twins (you can read about it here, it’s is supposed to be very good at preventing preeclampsia which mothers of multiples are at high risk for) I was in a VERY hormonal pregnant sort of mood (which amazingly hasn’t hit me that much so far) and was reading over the diet in our hotel room (before we moved in with my parents) and the more I read the more upset I got. Eight servings of milk a day…that’s a HALF A GALLON! TWELVE servings of protein…and I continued reading the list and translating it into the actually food I would need to eat each day. As I did so the tears started rolling down my face and by the time I read through it all I was hysterically crying, lol. The Man came over with an attempt at calming pats until he finally just pushed my chair away from the desk and drug me away from the computer to cry it out on his shoulder. “There’s no way I can eat that much! And even if I could it would just turn me into a blimp!” I wailed. Just do what you can; it will be enough, he tried to reasure me. But now a month from that I’m getting a little closer ever week to eating everything on that list, and as you can tell I am not gaining that much weight, but the babies are getting bigger every day. Praise God! I’ve started feeling them move almost every day now. It’s not at all like I thought it would be, very light and fluttery, or like my stomach doing a flip-flop. It really is amazing! I’m feeling better all the time, as little bits of energy seem to be coming back, though a shopping trip into town will still wipe me out. I’m trying to use most of energy to get everything organized and settled here at my parents. So I work a while and rest a while, reading on my breaks, which is good, since there are a lot of things I want to read before these babies come! I’m try and remember to post a reading list soon. Blessings!c


6 thoughts on “4 months and growing

  1. Kristine says:

    Cute! I just had a random thought…the faceless pictures of you are cute, but when those babies come, I want some head shots of them! 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    I am so sorry that the diet was overwhelming and scary at the beginning and made you cry! Do you have any suggestions on what I could add to the website to help to keep it from being so overwhelming for the next person? (I can't make any edits right now, but hope to move to my new domain name website within the next couple of months, and then I will be able to).Joy

  3. Bridget says:

    Oh and I need regular email alerts when something is posted, LOL…..seriously.

  4. mossfamily says:

    wow! Those babies are growing for sure! I can remember feeling overwhelmed with the food thing the first time i was pregnant. But just remember that it is for those precious babies & you'll be able to lose any weight in no time running around after them in a few months! Ha!

  5. Jeans says:

    So exciting! Don't worry about the food- you'll be surprisd how much you will want to eat eventually and your body makes sure that they get what they need! Stay rested and get ready for the absolute best thing(s) in the world! ever!

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