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July 29, 2009 by currbell

Isn’t it funny how the reality is often so different than the perception? My dream of reading for two weeks has not really come to fruition. It’s just too much of a good thing. Sitting by myself in a hotel room for hours on end with no schedule and nothing to do but laze about leaves me with a headache most days. I’m just not that good at the lazy thing. And there is no classic movie channel, instead just lots of crass trashy tv, which I am ever temped to turn on in the quietness of this room. I did find that Gilmore Girls comes on at 11, so I kind of schedule my day around that…because I find I am completely lost without a schedule. Anal. That’s what I am, lol. To round it all out I’ve been sick, tossing my cookies and sleeping long and late. The maid, who is one of my new friends and the few people I speak to during the day has learned to leave our room till the last so she doesn’t wake me up. She’s pretty nice. But for all that I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove. I learned how to knit socks! And it took me a while. The bloody directions didn’t make any sense. I would work and work and rip it out because I knew it wasn’t going right, and then I’d try again. I think I did every step two times. The funny part is that after I got the hang of it and fingered out what the instruction meant (with the help of some youtube videos) they were actually pretty easy, which is what everyone who had made that pattern before me had said and I wanted to kick them in the shins when I couldn’t figure it all out. And I have done a good bit of reading too. I’ll tell you more about that next time. Now that we only have a few more days left down here and I’m feeling well again…I kind of feel more presure to make good use of my time and read lots, lol. I know! I’m crazy! lol Blessings! c


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