Happy Tuesday!


June 30, 2009 by currbell

Things have been moving around here, and I’m working to keep up with life. There has been a death, and a wedding, dinners, colds, baptisms (lots of them), house sitting, babysitting, a photo shoot or two, visiting with friends, making new friends, all of LOST season 3 (it’s sucking my life dry, and I get so frustrated with it, but The Man and I can’t stop watching, lol), lots of friends with pain and personal problems…who we have been trying to lift up and encourage in some way, and lots of prayers these days.
But, the biggest thing going on around here right now is that THE HOUSE IS UNDER CONTRACT AGAIN! Whoo-hoo! I’m praying this thing all the way through the end. Please, please God let this sale go through! We had the house back up on the market with the new realtor and within six days had the news of a potential offer…a few counter offers later and here we are. I’ve had a much better feeling about everything this time around. Please, please join us in praying that all this goes through as planned; you could bless us in no greater way right now.
In between all these things we’ve been pinching pennies to save for building, and dreaming like mad. We’re working on our house plan, which is coming along pretty well. I’ve been researching everything from geothermal heat pumps to chicken breeds. But I’ll have to tell you more about all that some other time….cause there is so much to be told and so much to learn. The Man has some out of town work and it looks like I will be able to go with him to it; sort of make it a little mini vacation, which I’m really looking forward to. I will be by myself during the day; for years and years I said I wanted to take a vacation and just read, so that’s my plan for this trip…and a little time in the pool would be nice too. I have a whole stack of books I plan on checking out of the library to bring with us, and almost all of it is research stuff for this next phase of our lives. Hopefully things will start calming down soon and I can get back to some regular blogging. Until then be blessed! c

Trust in the Lord and do good; inhabit the land and practice faithfulness. Have your delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit you way to the LORD; trust in Him too and He will bring it about.

4 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. Civis says:

    We'll keep praying. Have fun dreaming. As you know, I've got a little land deal in the works myself and I go from fits of excitiment to fits of anxiety. It's going to be rough when I crash!

  2. Erin says:

    Will be praying!Love to you!

  3. Rands says:

    YAYYYYYYY! That is so awesome! What is your close date? I'll put it on the prayer calendar. Also, not sure I've ever read the phrase: 'everything from geothermal heat pumps to chicken breeds'… LOL. funny.

  4. c says:

    The closing date is set for August 17th. Thanks for the prayers!

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