March 23, 2009 by currbell


So. Here’s the basics. I’m seven weeks today. We had the pregnancy confirmed at the doctor’s office this past Saturday. I was pretty nervous about telling people (and you know, no one can keep this sort of secret) before it was confirmed, because I’ve been so afraid I’m imagining this baby…and I am SO in love with The Little Bean…that’s what we call him, and no, we don’t have any sort of feeling about The Bean being a boy or a girl. I just refer to The Bean as “he” because it’s silly and takes too long to say “he or she” every time I talk about The Baby Bean, and I don’t like calling him “It”. I have lots of little baby stories to tell and share, but I have work to do! And it’s hard enough to just sit and be happy about The Bean and get any work done, but I certainly don’t get any work done if I’m writing on this blog!
For now I will say this: The Man and I have a lot of things on our plate right now and a lot of questions we are trying to find answers to (buying land, moving, jobs, prenatal care, income, selling the house) and I think we are going to set aside some this week for serious prayer on these issues. There are so many unknowns in our life right now it sometimes makes our heads spin, and only God holds the answers to our questions. It would be a blessing to us if you would join us in lifting up these issues also. More news to follow soon! Blessings! c


7 thoughts on “Yep!

  1. finally it’s out in the open and i don’t have to worry about who i talk to ha.

  2. kristin says:

    WOW i know what that means! lol congrats and peace and healthy baby and momma!

  3. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! One day at a time and it will go so fast…thoughts, prayers and much love sending your way…Love Mel

  4. anewport says:

    The Little Bean! How cute. Loves!!

  5. mossfamily says:

    congrats! Congrats! At least this is a very exciting thing to add to all the craziness that life is handing you right now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! Everything will fall into place just perfectly…-HML

  7. Jeans says:

    Yay!! How exciting! Isn’t it weird to see the test turn positive? I always take them to confirm I’m not pregnant so I was totally shocked! Don’t worry about all your decisions! God will take care of them for you if you let him. Yay again!

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